DeRouchey Foam

About Us


For over 40 years, our family-owned business has helped designers, architects, and engineers streamline their creative process by consistently providing high-quality materials, fair pricing, and unbeatable service.

Since getting our start in the entertainment industry in 1977 and successfully completing thousands of projects, we’ve expanded our products and services to serve a wide range of industries. 

Our commitment to having the material you need, when you need it makes us indispensable in the fast-paced automotive, aerospace, and entertainment industries.

As a family-owned business, our integrity means everything to us. This is evident in our honest business dealings and our consistent and reasonable pricing. Like you, we are committed to our local and global community which is why we created our EPS foam recycling program and have consistently donated a portion of our monthly revenue to charity since the year we were founded.

We find great satisfaction in helping our community and our clients get to where they want to go.

Our Values

Our service revolves around the demanding deadlines we know you face. We’re here to help however we can.

Doing the right thing and maintaining the integrity of our company (and therefore our family name) is our benchmark for success.

Straightforward, transparent service that gets you what you need, when you need it.

We don’t just clock in and clock out. We get the job done.

Our Staff

As a family-owned business, our team of loyal, motivated, and highly competent employees feel like an extension of our family.

Our business is in good hands with them… yours will be too.

Dustin DeRouchey  |  Owner/Janitor

As the second generation owner of DeRouchey Foam, Dustin has a passion for helping people create. He married his high school crush and they now have two little kids. His off-days are spent surfing, mountain biking, and dirt biking.

Orlando Diaz |  El Jefe/Production Manager

Orlando has worked as a scenic painter and sculptor in the set construction industry for over 14 years. His passion for helping people bring their projects to life means he does a little bit of everything - from project management and automotive prep to paint finishes to spray urethane coatings. He and his wife have two beautiful children that are too smart for their own good.

Wendy Wong  |  The Voice of Reason

Wendy's passion is to create order out of chaos. She's worked in many areas of business - from administration to entertainment production to brand development. At DeRouchey Foam, she enjoys seeing customer’s creativity come to life. When she's not working, you'll find her on a hike or on a plane.

Cameron Kee  |  Account Manager

Following his humble start as a paperboy at age 11, Cameron is now the sales manager and steward of general knowledge at Derouchey Foam. In his free time, he likes to mow his lawn and gaze off into the distance while contemplating new and innovative ways to meet his customer’s needs.

Jason Williams  |  Georgia Branch Coordinator

With spending 13 years in the foam industry, Jason brings a wealth of experience as he heads our branch in Georgia. Understanding the needs of our customers, Jason strives to build friendly, knowledgeable and mutually beneficial relationships with every effort made to exceed customers expectations. In his free time Jason enjoys making music, exploring the night sky with his telescope, and creating unique works of art with his wife and three daughters.

Lupe Perez  |  Office Assistant

In her current role, Lupe acts as a liaison between customers and the fulfillment  team to ensure our customer's visions are met. When she's not working you can find her exploring on a hike or watching her favorite TV shows.

Joshua Segerman  |  Foam & Fulfillment Lead

Josh is a makeup artist who moved here from Arizona to break into the film industry. He loves that his work at Derouchey Foam, using CNC machine for a vast array of creative projects, is helping him grow as an artist. In his free time, he enjoys hiking with his dog and traveling with his wife and daughter.


Miguel Villanueva  |  Spray Technician

Miguel is a detailed oriented team player and a reliable spray technician who most enjoys spraying HardCoat. He has played baseball from the little leagues to high school. He now enjoys watching his son play and be on his way to becoming an all-star. In his free time, he enjoys cutting hair and is DeRouchey Foam's in-house barber.

Carlos Silva  |  Foam Fabricator & Driver

Coming from a humble childhood, Carlos has learned to develop great relationships with others.  You can find him always helping where he can and at DeRouchey Foam he is making sure customer's orders are met as requested and delivered with professionalism.  He enjoys spending time with and building small projects for his friends and family.

Jimmy Finton  |  Foam Fabricator & Driver

Jimmy being the oldest member of the team keeps the rest of the crew on their toes with his unending and abounding energy. He makes sure everyone stays working and knows how to stay healthy. With 10 years of experience serving in the entertainment industry you can expect him to show up with your delivery on schedule and with professionalism. Besides keeping our crew in shape, Jimmy also enjoys camping, hiking and swimming.