DeRouchey Foam


We exist to help you bring your creative vision to life.

Our 20,000 square foot warehouse in Pacoima, CA has space to create large custom projects, while our mobile unit brings our products and services to you.

Hardcoat  |  Flexcoat  |  Sprayfoam  |  Waterproofing  |  CNC Hotwire  |  Hand Sculpting


Seal and protect your foam sculpture while maintaining its fine details with our smooth and sandable urethane resin Hardcoating.

  • Apply directly over all types of foam, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Smooth and sandable enough for an automotive finish
  • Tintable and paintable
  • Water and impact resistant
  • Fast drying
  • No VOCs
  • Class 1 fire retardant
Custom colors available.


    Flexible and extremely tough, our durable rubberized Flexcoat is used to seal and protect foam and many other substrates.

    • Apply directly over all types of foam, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, etc.
    • Extremely resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling 
    • Weatherproof and suitable for outdoor projects
    • Flexible and bendable
    • Paintable
    • Custom color tint available
    • Customizable finish - from glossy to textured
    • Fast drying
    • No VOCs
    • Class 1 fire retardant available by special order
    Custom colors available.


      Our Sprayfoam services provide endless creative possibilities. Turn featureless flat walls into rocky caves, transform cylinders into trees, and create landscapes, textured buildings, or anything else you can imagine.

      • Can be sprayed to any thickness from 1/4" to several feet
      • Apply to MDF, metal, wood, concrete, plastic
      • Spray into molds for casting
      • Sculptable, sandable, and paintable
      • Provides excellent soundproofing and insulation
      • Dries quickly
      • Class 1 fire retardant available

      Got a big project? Bring our mobile unit to you and we’ll spray onsite.


      Make your scenery 100% watertight with our waterproofing services—we make quick work of tanks, pools, and soon-to-be-flooded sets.

      • Apply to any wood or metal surface
      • Accommodates any size project—from a few hundred square feet to tens of thousands of square feet
      • Custom colors available
      • Two-stage coating process
      • Ready to fill with water within a few minutes of coating
      • Long lasting—holds water for weeks, months, and even years

         CNC Hotwire

        Precision cut any shape you can imagine quickly and easily with our computer-driven CNC hotwire services.

        • Cuts all densities of EPS foam
        • Creates objects up to 60”x90”x90”
        • Equipped with a turntable and lathe for complex objects
        • Custom mouldings, trim, large numbers, letters, logos, etc.

        Need help designing the piece? Our design team would love to partner with you to create exactly what you need and want.

        Finish your project with one of our coatings for a long-lasting piece.

         Hand Sculpting

        Our team of artists can hand-sculpt any shape you can imagine. Whether you need to put finishing touches on a CNC project or you want something hand-sculpted from scratch, our team is up for the challenge.

        • Custom designs
        • For any kind of sculptable foam
        • Partnership in design and execution