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Recycling Policy

Responsibly dispose of your used EPS foam and make a positive environmental impact with our foam recycling program. Bring your used foam to our warehouse and one of our partners will pick it up, melt it down, and turn it into brand new foam. We can provide certification letters verifying how much foam your company recycles so you can show the positive impact you’re making. 

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Services Specification Sheets 

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Safety Data Sheets


EPS Foam 
Corafoam - R Series
Corafoam - U Series
Trymer 1.8lb
Trymer 2lb XP
Trymer 3lb
Trymer 4lb
Trymer 6lb

Foam2Foam Cleaners
Dow Froth-Pak 210
Dow Froth-Pak 650A
Dow Froth-Pak 650B

Sculpting Tools
Flat NiChrome Wire
23G NiChrome Wire


Tech Specs


EPS Foam
Grey Cell Foam 1lb
Grey Cell Foam 1.5lb

Corafoam R 2lb
Corafoam R 4lb
Corafoam R 6lb
Corafoam U 4lb
Corafoam U 6lb
Corafoam U 8lb
Corafoam U 10lb
Corafoam U 15lb
Corafoam U 20lb

Tymer 1.8lb
Tymer 2lb XP
Trymer 3lb
Trymer 4lb
Trymer 6lb

Sculpting Tools 

Hot Knife Instructions
18G - 50’ NiChrome Hot Wire
Tool Voltage Chart
Hot Wire Basics

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