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From foam and skins to tools and adhesives, we stock tons of commonly-used products and a wide variety of hard-to-find materials.

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 EPS Foam

EPS foam—also known as Styrofoam™, bead foam, or bead board—is a lightweight, rigid foam used to create scenic props and elements. It can be hand-sculpted, CNC milled, or shaped by a hot wire or hot knife. EPS foam is a low-cost sculpting medium for large-scale projects. EPS foam can be used in conjunction with our fabrication tools, adhesive and spray coatings.

  • 1lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
  • 1lb Block - 48”x48”x96”
  • 1.5lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
  • 1.5lb Block - 48”x48”x96”
  • 2lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
  • 2lb Block - 48”x48”x96”
  • 2lb Block - 48”’x48”x192”
  • 3lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
  • 3lb Block - 48”x48”x96”
  • 3lb Block - 48”’x48”x192”

Oversize blocks up to 216” in length available for special order.

All EPS densities available in sheets and custom sizes from 1/4”x48”x96” to 48”x48”x96”.


Grey Cell Foam is an EPS foam that is grey throughout, making it perfect for special effects. It is easy to shape using hotwire, CNC milling, or by hand.

Common uses include:
  • Breakaway Walls
  • Concrete Barricades
  • Cinder Blocks

    Densities and Sizes:

    • 1lb - Untrimmed Block 48" x 48" x 96"
    • 1.5lb - Untrimmed Block 48" x 48" x 96" (special order)
    All Grey Cell Foam available in sheets and custom sizes from 1/4”x48”x96” to 48”x48”x96”. 

       Urethane Foam

      We sell two types of what is commonly known as “urethane foam”—rigid polyurethane (U Series) and polyisocyanurate (R Series). Both have a tight cell structure that allows for high levels of detail and a smooth consistent surface. Polyisocyanurate (R Series) can be sculpted by hand or machine milled. Rigid polyurethane (U Series) is best tooled or milled. Both can be used with our fabrication adhesives and sealed with one of our spray coatings to create a long-lasting finish.

      Sculpting and Milling Corafoam® (R Series)
      • 2lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
      • 4lb Block - 20”x48”x96”
      • 6lb Block - 12”x48”x96”
      Tooling and Milling Corafoam® (U Series)
      • 4lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
      • 6lb Block - 24”x48”x96”
      • 8lb Block - 18”x48”x96”
      • 10lb Block - 18”x48”x96”
      • 15lb Block - 13”x48”x96”
      • 20lb Block - 13”x48”x96”

        All Corafoam® densities available in sheets and custom sizes from 1/2”x48”x96” to respective block sizes.

        • 1.8lb block - 24”x48”x96”
        • 2lb block - 24”x48”x96”
        • 3lb block - 18”x48”x96”
        • 4lb block - 16”x48”x96”
        • 6lb block - 12”x48”x96”

         Textured Skins 

        Create perfect, lightweight replicas of natural surfaces from our library of 20+ highly detailed textured skins.

        • Textures taken from real trees, rocks, stones, bricks, etc.
        • The most convincing, perfectly-imperfect, natural-looking replicas possible.
        • Available in custom sizes and textures to suit your needs.
        Available textures/patterns: 
        • Tree Bark: Available in 4’x10’ skins made from flexible or semi-flexible materials in light, medium, or coarse textures.
        • Rock: Various types of rock and sizes available in rigid, flexible, or spray foam materials.
        • Dirt: Any type or color of dirt made from flexible materials, available in 10’x10’ skins (larger sizes also available.)
        • Brick: Various patterns of brick available in flexible or rigid material.
        • Stone: Various types of stone available in rigid, flexible or spray foam materials.


        Single-Part Gun Foam
        Sculptable adhesive and gap filler for EPS and urethane foam (15 min cure time)
        • Foam2Foam Applicator Gun
        • Foam2Foam Spray Foam
        • Foam2Foam Gun Cleaner







            Two-Part Foam
            Two-part spray urethane foam kit with various spray pattern options (1 min cure time)
              • Dow Froth Pak 650 bfm Class A Fire Retardant
              • Dow Froth Pak 210 bfm Class A Fire Retardant
              • 15ft Gun Hose Assembly
              • Cone Tips
              • Fan Tips


                     Sculpting Tools

                    Hot Knife Kit & Accessories
                    Carves EPS foam quickly and precisely.

                    Hot Knife Kit:
                    • Hot Knife
                    • Carrying Case
                    • 4” Blades
                    • 6” Blades
                      Hot Wires
                      For creating unique shapes from EPS foam.  
                      • 18G - 50’ NiChrome Hot Wire
                      • 23G - 100’ NiChrome Hot Wire
                      • 11G Flat Wire
                        Curry Comb
                        Shaves and carves foam with textured spring stainless steel rings.